About We heart Drama

We heart Drama draws together the best drama games, exercises, workshop ideas and lesson plans into one easy to navigate site.

Most of our games are suitable for all drama students, from 11 year old upwards. Where applicable, we have suggested adaptations to make them more (or less) complicated, for older or younger groups.

Games/exercises suitable for use with very small groups/individuals are in their own category, for homeschoolers or other independent learners.

We hope you find them useful for planning sessions with school children, teenagers, youth theatres and in adult workshops.

We hope that you heart drama too. :)

Why do We heart Drama?

Drama lessons don’t just help train the next generation of actors – students develop in confidence through performing and learn the importance of focus, preparation and team work.

Workshop games encourage creativity and fast thinking.

Vocal exercises and performances teaches students to be confident public speakers.

And aside from all that, it’s bloomin’ good fun.

Contact We heart Drama

If you’d like to contact us, either leave a comment on the site or email hello@weheartdrama.com