Chair racing – a fun, physical drama warm-up game

Chair racing is a very fun warm-up exercise – good for getting teams to work together and to get physically active — and good for warming up voices too (it’ll get loud!).

Divide the class into groups – the size/number of groups will depend on the space you have available. You will need space for the group members to sit on chairs in a line and then an adequate amount of “race track” space. In a long narrow space, it’s better to go for fewer bigger groups; in a square space, more smaller ones. To keep the teamwork aspect, you’ll need about four in a group and you, obviously, need at least two groups for there to be a race.

Arrange each team in a line – one person to a chair, chairs packed together – at one end of the room and place an empty chair next to the first person. On ‘go’, the team all shuffles along one seat so that there is now an empty chair at the other end of the line. That newly empty chair is passed along the line – without touching the floor – and placed next to the first person in the line — and it starts again until they reach the finish line.

Chair Racing

Rules worth stipulating

(In case your group is as competitive/prone to cheating as ours!)

  • The chair can not touch the floor during its journey – no throwing it/skidding it along the floor to the other end
  • One person to a chair
  • People can only move to the chair next to them
  • No grabbing the other team’s chair mid-transit! (Having the teams back to back makes this temptation harder)

If this is too easy for your group, make it harder by having them stand rather than sit on chairs or by playing “floor is hot lava” – no feet can touch it at any time.

Length: A few rounds, including set up time, shouldn’t take any more than 10 mins

Group size: 8 upwards, depending on the space.

Have you used this game with your class?

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  • Did you find it useful?
  • Did you change anything?

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