Valentine’s Day drama warmup – For me?! a mime game

Surprised girl

For me?! is a Valentine’s Day variant of Pass the Invisible Object or the Alphabetical Present Game – a (mostly) mimed warm-up game.

Standing in a circle, the tutor or nominated person should present the person next to them with an invisible present for Valentine’s Day – for example, a bunch of flowers. They should clearly mime what it is so the receiver knows how to react to it.

The giver should say “for you” when handing over the object, the receiver should reply “for me? thank you!” then respond appropriately to the gift (for example, sniffing the flowers or putting them in a vase). Once that exchange is complete, the receiver becomes the next giver – they can give whatever they want to the next person around the room.

The most common gifts will be used up quickly – allow for duplication but encourage originality in both the giving and receiving aspects.

Length: 5-10 mins, depending on the size of the group/length of the acceptance scenes

Group size: any size

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