Valentine’s Day Drama Warmup – I love you too, but…


I love you too, but I can’t smile is a great warm-up if your group has difficulties staying in character during performances (specifically corpsing or breaking). It’s fun to play it on Valentine’s Day too! :)

Gather the group in a circle and pick someone to start. That person, the “lover”, has to go to someone else in the group – it can be anyone – and tell them: “I love you”. The object of the exercise for them is to make the other person break so they can play it however they want to achieve that aim: straight or over the top; lustful, deadly serious or creepy!

The “love-ee” has to remain neutral, without smiling or laughing, and reply: “I love you too, but I can’t smile”. If they are successful, the lover has to find a new target to try to break. If the love-ee cracks or breaks though, they become the lover.

Usually the activity is very funny for the rest of the group and their laughter will make it more likely that the love-ee will crack too. If you really want to test the group’s ability to focus though, make them stay neutral through the game too!

Length: 5-10 minutes

Group size: Any size from about six people upwards

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