Yee-ha! A fun warm-up game for drama groups


Yee-ha! is a fun warm-up game in the vein of Zip Zap Boiiing, which encourages focus, quick thinking and silliness! Cowboy hats are optional ;)

The group should stand in a circle facing inwards and someone starts passing a “yee-ha!” around the circle – they should turn slightly, raise their inside leg, slap their thigh and shout “yee-ha!” like an overexcited cowboy. The next person does the same and so on until the “yee-ha!” has passed the whole way around the circle.

Once everyone is happy with “yee-ha!”ing, introduce the rest of the elements (either all at once or one at a time, depending on the ability of the group). Passing the “yee-ha!” is main point of the game – the other elements just modify how it is done:

  • “Hoe-down” – bend your knees and with your thumbs, pull out some imaginary braces/suspenders from your chest. This reverses the direction of the “yee-ha!”.
  • “Clickey-click” (or “bang bang”) – shoot the “yee-ha!” across the circle with finger guns. The recipient can then send the “yee-ha!” in which ever way they choose. (You can not “hoe-down” or “hay barn” a “clickety click”.)
  • “Hay barn” – hold your hands above your head to make a sloped roof, which causes the turn to skip a person.

Once everyone is comfortable with the actions, start eliminating people who get it wrong (either doing the wrong action/noise or going when they’re not supposed to) or people who hesitate for too long. Speed up the tempo every so often to make it harder and sillier.

Length: 5-10 minutes – depending on the size of the group and whether or not you play until there is just one person left

Group size: Any size from about six people upwards

Have you used this game with your class?

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  • Did you find it useful?
  • Did you change anything?

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