Fake word definition – a name-learning drama game

fake-name-tagFake word definition is an alternative to the usual movement-based association games used to learn names in a new drama group (or indeed, in any other type of group!).

Standing in a circle, each person in turn says their name, then says what it is backwards and provides a fake definition for what their name backwards means.

For example:

“My name is John. Backwards, that’s ‘nhoj’, which is the Turkish word for when you rub your knuckle on someone else’s head.”

“My name is Paul. Backwards, that’s ‘luap’, which is a type of electrical circuit.”

“My name is Helena. Backwards, that’s “aneleh”, which is cous cous dish, including courgettes and peanuts.”

Definitions can be as detailed – or brief – as desired — and creativity is very much encouraged!

Optional add-on: break the group into small sub-groups of four or five. Ask each group to take one (or more) of the fake definitions, and create an advert/infomercial to sell the item/concept. Allow around 5 minutes of preparation time then 1-2 minutes per group for the showcase.

Length: 5 minutes (depending on the group size/detail); plus, extra for the add-on.

Group size: Any size, up to a maximum of around 30

Have you used this game with your class?

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  • Did you find it useful?
  • Did you change anything?

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