Change the mime

Change the mime is a more physical/sophisticated variation of Wink Murder.

The group stands in a circle and a detective is sent out of the room.

A member of the circle is nominated to start an action/mime, which the rest of the group then copy. The detective is called back into the room.

The aim is for the nominated person (the equivalent of the murderer in Wink Murder) to keep changing the mime – and the rest of the group following suit – without the detective spotting who is leading it.

The detective has three guesses to find the nominated mime leader. The mime leader then becomes the next detective – depending on how physical their actions were, they may appreciate the rest!

Mime leaders should be encouraged to be creative with their movements, and the rest of the group to be responsive and accurate in their copying. Actions don’t necessarily need to be complicated though – simple movements can be changed faster.

If mime leaders start running out of ideas as the rounds progress, suggest themes (“cooking” or “sports”). Alternatively, if you are in rehearsal for a performance, suggest the mime leaders only perform actions that would be in keeping with their character in the production – this may make it easier for the detective but also helps reinforce characterisation for everyone.

Group size: at least 10 people; max 25-ish.

Length: 10 minutes depending on the number of rounds

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